Kayaking through the Champagne region of France, from the English Channel to the Mediterranean, in search of the sun, was not what Foster expected. Except perhaps the wintery March weather. Years later, Foster returned to the Mediterranean to paddle to the Atlantic. In balmy September, his plan was to follow the historic Canal du Midi through Languedoc wine country to Toulouse, and then through the Bordeaux wine region to the Gironde estuary and the ocean.

Foster teases out the interesting stories that emerge along the way, tempering what caught his eye with the observations of his enigmatic partner, the artist Kristin Nelson. History, geology, local dishes, encounters.

In the France of oysters, and wines, baguettes and cheeses, what could possibly go wrong?

Nigel Foster is a world-renowned kayaker and accomplished author. He also designs kayaks and kayaking gear. His recent books include On Polar Tides, Encounters from a Kayak, Paddling Southern Florida, The Art of Kayaking, and Heart of Toba. SEE BOOKS HERE

Uncork a bottle of wine, break open a baguette and spread the Brie cheese. Now sit back and enjoy the book, Kayak across France.

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